What you will learn...

By the end of this class, your Instagram will tell your story in a way that is authentic and engaging and gets you (and your product!) in front of the person who matters most – your ideal customer!

Not only will you have more fun on the platform and be more connected to your audience; you’ll also be able to transform your Instagram account into a selling tool for your business.

  • Getting Started with the basics

    • Updating your profile

    • What makes a good profile picture

    • Hashtag basics 

  • Ideas for building Your tribe

    • How to use the Give, give get technique

    • Finding your ideal customer

    • Nurturing your relationships

  • Tips on telling your story in words + photos

    • Creating a color story

    • Easy photo editing tips + the good and bad on Filters

    • Creating quotes

  • Tools for creating an Instagram workflow

    • Find out what apps I use to make posting easy + fun

    • The whys of not posting in real time


PLUS:  FIVE Day Challenge to jumpstart your business