Rock Instagram & Grow your Business

It's time to make BIG things happen


Newsflash: Your love affair with Instagram is closer than you realize. You can cultivate a community of people to connect with while also letting your personality shine. 

You know that Instagram is a tool you can use to tell your story and connect with potential customers. In fact, you see other people doing it every day.


You’re worried that your camera isn’t good enough. Or that you don’t have the styling know-how to set up the perfect shot. And even if you did have the gorgeous photos you covet from everyone else’s feed, you have no idea where to start with your captions.

You don’t need to be a professional photographer, have to have tons of photography equipment and a studio with hundreds of props to create photos that convey your story and brand everyday.


What if you could use Instagram to share your product, tell your story and bring in new customers on a daily basis?

The time is now to find your ideal clients and make the most of this fun and creative platform and grow your business with Instagram! And I’ll show you how.  I will teach you my simple and effective method to connect with your customers each day on Instagram.  In the last 10 months I have applied this system and my business has grown more than 300%.  

Only have a few followers - Don't worry - the key is finding your tribe, your people, your ideal customer - Let's do this!  I promise you can do it...I went from ZERO followers to over 3000!!

What you will learn...

By the end of this class, your Instagram will tell your story in a way that is authentic and engaging and gets you (and your product!) in front of the person who matters most – your ideal customer!

Not only will you have more fun on the platform and be more connected to your audience; you’ll also be able to transform your Instagram account into a selling tool for your business.

  • Getting Started with the basics

    • Updating your profile

    • What makes a good profile picture

    • Hashtag basics 

  • Ideas for building Your tribe

    • How to use the Give, give get technique

    • Finding your ideal customer

    • Nurturing your relationships

  • Tips on telling your story in words + photos

    • Creating a color story

    • Easy photo editing tips + the good and bad on Filters

    • Creating quotes

  • Tools for creating an Instagram workflow

    • Find out what apps I use to make posting easy + fun

    • The whys of not posting in real time


PLUS:  FIVE Day Challenge to jumpstart your business

Oh...a little bit about me:

In October 2015, I took a leap.  I left my awesome full time job, with good salary, fantastic co-workers and health benefits.  Here's the crazy, scary part.  I didn't know what I was going to do next.

I knew I wanted to create something that was mine.  I wanted to work on my terms.  I wanted flexibility.  I wanted to mix up all of my superpowers and create a brand spanking new business.

I started with a manifesto....(that's it to the left)...With these words guiding me...I set my fears aside and never looked back.  In the past 9 months I have:

  • Launched Creative Mercantile - a subscription box filled with creative supplies for planners, memory keepers, stationery lovers and crafters.  Every month I send hundreds and hundreds of boxes around the world.
  • Opened an Etsy shop to offer more unique and original creative supplies.
  • Built an amazing, organic following on Instagram that fueled all of my business growth

I am finally in a place where I am totally happy! 

But guess what?  It's hella fun too. I have made new friends, executed faboo collaborations and grown my business...all via Instagram.

Now I am combining all of my knowledge,ideas and skills to create this class so that I can help others grow their businesses.

This is just the beginning...I will keep learning, growing, hustling and I can't wait to see you do the same.

Still curious about who this happy girl is???

  • I like to make things, belly laugh, document my life in words and pictures and eat ginger cookies and donuts.
  • I am a 40 something...I have been a Costume Designer, Corporate Marketer and Retailer.
  • I think Gratitude is a super power. 
  • I collect random facts in my friends don't call me Christa-pedia for nothing.

You also don’t need to water down your personality or avoid writing captions that help your business.

Yes! Your Instagram can be as adorable as you are!


  • Wonder everyday what the heck you should post and when
  • Aren’t sure what to do with all the crazy ######
  • Want to grow your circle to reach new clients
  • Need to find a flow to make it easy and fun to be sharing and connecting
  • Don’t believe your story is cool enough
  • Are tired of engaging with everyone else’s feed and are ready to create some engagement of your own
  • Are excited about turning Instagram from a time suck into a revenue generator

Check out your options!

Rock Your Instagram WEbinar


60 minute Live Webinar

Class outline for easy Notetaking

Resource List - all my favorite tools + apps

Lifetime access to the recorded session

30 minute Q & A session

Lifetime access to the recorded session






Pricing: $59


ROCK YOUR INSTAGRAMClass + Personal Instagram Review

ONLY 10 spots available

60 minute Live Webinar

Class outline for easy Notetaking

Resource List - all my favorite tools + apps

Lifetime access to the recorded session

30 minute Q & A session

Lifetime access to the recorded session

Personal Review of your Instagram Feed

Written Review (sent via email) that will include:

Critique on your Profile language

5 -10 specific suggestions to refine your posts

Hashtag recommendations

Pricing: $119

Some of my favorite Instagram Pictures

These are just a few of the photos that I love and helped me sell my products, connect with my customers and build my brand.  What do you want your dream feed to look like?  Let's make it happen.

Frequently Asked Questions

+ What if I can't make the live webinar?

The session will be recorded for participants to access whenever they'd like. You will always have access the the recording.

+ What if I am just starting my business?

This class is designed to help anyone at any phase in their business. I do recomend that you already have a business to get the most out of the class.

+ What is the Q & A session?

In this session you will have an opportunity to come chat with me live and ask questions. This gives you a chance to implement what you learned and play with the tools. I will be there to help keep you going and growing.

+ What if I don't like the class?

If you don't think your class is totally awesome, email us at support@creativemercantile with-in 15 days of the webinar and we will issue a refund. We do ask that you do the work to recieve the refund so you will need to submitt a completed IG planner worksheet for a week that matches

+ I live outside the US is that okay?

Of course...the class isn't specific to the US and since you have access to the webinar forever no worries if you are sleeping during the live call.

+ By the end of the class will I have a million followers?

Nope - that's the truth...You can't double your Instagram following or traffic in a day or week. When you use the tips and tools that I am sharing you will see growth - 10% - 50%. It all depends on you though. You have to show up and do the work. Also what I teach you is organic growth so the followers you gain will be real and connected to you, your brand and your business.